Stuart Jones


I am a 'plein air' or open air landscape painter based in Newcastle upon Tyne.

I work in oils almost predominantly from direct observation in the landscape, from which to capture the immediate appeal of a particular subject that is governed by its lighting conditions.

Much like the impressionist style, my work is characterised by its loose, lively and suggestive brushmarks that lend the work an immediacy, energy and freshness in my pursuit to 'capture the moment'.

It is the feeling of light and the experience of analysing and interpreting the landscape in front of me that I want to come through, with every brushmark and colour decision being a response to my observation and feeling of the landscape.

I like to return to subject matter in my work to fully understand it better, sometimes working on one piece over multiple sessions at the same time of day and in similar weather conditions.

The experience of working 'en plein air' is one that has shaped my painting practice, along with concentrated drawing, that has become a profession and lifestyle and remains my prime motivation to this day.

I gained a BA hons Fine Art degree from Northampton University and MA Fine Art at Newcastle University. My work has been exhibited on numerous occasions at Woodhorn Museum in Ashington and more recently at Gallagher and Turner gallery in Newcastle upon Tyne.

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