Coral Blamire
Jewelled Heart


From my work space that overlooks the rolling hills surrounding Hexham, I use traditional stained glass methods to create glass art pieces that sit comfortably within contemporary environments. The techniques I use today have changed little for hundreds of years and I like the feeling of that connection with skilled craftsmen of a bygone era.

For me, stained glass is a unique art medium that is never static. The glass continually responds to changes in light levels allowing the colours to come alive and illuminate the space. Modern glass production methods mean that there is an infinite variety of colour and texture to choose from and the natural organic quality of the glass make each piece of my art completely unique.

I enjoy taking commissions because it challenges me to be inventive and creative, to research and think in different directions to interpret another’s ideas. All my designs are original and many of my pieces incorporate hand etched and engraved detail to enable me to create something truly bespoke.


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