Sarah Greaves


Painting, wood engraving, sculpture.
I am an art pysychotherapist and practising artist.
Through my professional paid work I am aware of the healing power of creative work, and the time I spend making my own work feeds into my work as a therapist.
I have always loved painting and drawing, but continue to experiment with different media and art forms. I use clay and wire for sculpture, and have recently enjoyed learning wood engraving. I am currently working on a series of prints based on my daily walk with my dogs.
I get my inspiration from the world around me. I love the Northumbrian landscape I am surrounded by, and the birds and animals around us. But I am also fascinated by the human face and form and am particularly drawn to portrait making and life drawing.
Although much of my work is representational, I also enjoy painting abstracts, working with the interplay of colour and shapes, and the ambiguity and multiplicity of meanings such work can suggest or contain.
I’ve also just been appointed Artist in Residence at Dilston Physic Garden, and have started to run workshops there.


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