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Network Artists North East provides a service to artists living or working in Northumberland and promotes economic growth within the artistic community. If offers support for artists individually and collectively through networking and provides a programme of opportunities to aid the furtherance of their practice in the visual arts.

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Network Artists North East annual open studio event. This ever popular event, gives you the opportunity to meet the artists, maybe buy an original work of art or attend a workshop and learn a new skill.

We hope you enjoy the Art Tour – tell your friends about it and look out for other exhibitions organised by Network throughout the year.
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Many of our Artist Members run workshops which are ideal to learn new skills or to experience the artist at work.
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Featured members

Here we feature some of the most talented artists and craftspeople across the North East of England. We are an inclusive organisation and welcome all artists, wherever they are on their creative journey, from those just starting out to those who are more established. We are proud to name some of the most successful local, national and international artists among our members.

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Christina Mingard

Renira Barnes

Lindsey Cooper

Four weekends in June

Artists opening their studios and exhibiting work for members of the public to visit at a range of locations.
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Members around the region

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Looking for a particular artist, medium, artistic style or genre. Look through our member directory page which give you access to our members own area on our website. Artists area - coming soon.


Many of our members run regular or specialist workshops covering many styles of the creative arts in a variety of mediums. Workshops - coming soon.

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We can provide information about Network Artists North East, recent press releases, and the latest news and events from our organisation. admin@networkartists.org.uk